Virginie Brégeon

Virginie Brégeon de Saint-Quentin

Professor – Institut Supérieur de Design de Saint-Malo
Associate Professor – Sciences Po Rennes and Ferrandi Paris

Virginie Brégeon de Saint-Quentin is a professor of marketing and design for sustainable food systems and tourism. She is associated in a cooperative and sustainable design school in Saint-Malo (Institut Supérieur de Design de Saint-Malo), associate professor at Sciences Po Rennes and Ferrandi Paris.

Her PhD thesis published in 2017 is entitled « a culinary marketing and design mix for a delighted consumer ». This thesis was rewarded of the Association for agro-economic research of AgroParisTech in 2018 and part of these works were published in her « great book of culinary marketing » by Dunod editions in 2019.

She was born and raised in a Michelin Star restaurant in Brittany, and married a fisherman from Saint-Malo with whom she created a small sustainable restaurant on the deck of the harbour (la Cabane à Manger) in 2020. Today, she is a food system designer acting for territories (Région Bretagne), entrepreneurs, and learning programs. Her mission is to preserve a traditional and creative food identity for Brittany at first, and any territory with similar challenges.

TedX conference: Le meilleur marketing culinaire est celui qui n’existe pas! – Virginie Bregeon de Saint-Quentin

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