Made in the Berkshires: The continued expansion of the locally – grown food

In Berkshire Country, the farm–to–table movement keeps on gaining traction. This movement encourages eateries and families to use fresh, locally produced ingredients in preparing meals. At this moment, some local chef are chafing at what some see as a fad, but should be a standard operating procedure for every home and restaurant. According to Chef Robert Beuth this movement keeps the money in the area and the product is much better because the quality of the ingredient is 15 times better than what you can get in most grocery stores.

Angela Cardinali, founder and director of Berkshire Farm and Table, a local organization that promoted regional food culture by cultivating collaborations that produce event and foster dialogue about regional fresh food choices in homes, restaurant and media, had said that this movement began as 30 years ago in Berkshires and in some other agricultural regions around the country.

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