Collaboration IGCAT and Creative Tourism Network

We are proud to announce our collaboration with Creative Tourism Network. The Creative Tourism Network shares IGCAT’s interest in the development of innovative and interesting ideas for regions and cities, intangible heritage recovery, sustainability and innovative practices of tourism. Under the terms of the agreement both IGCAT and the Creative Tourism Network will share information and participate in programs concerning mutual interests. Moreover we will collaborate in relevant events, workshops and seminars.

Creative tourism as defined by Crispin Raymond and Greg Richards (2000) is “Tourism which offers visitors the opportunity to develop their creative potential through active participation in courses and learning experiences, which are characteristics of the holiday destination where they are taken.” The Creative Tourism Network was created in 2010 with the aim of fostering the creative tourism around the world. Some of their objectives include: the promotion of destinations that have potential to welcome the creative tourists, identification of the creative tourists, academic and professional training, research on Best Practices of the Creative Tourism and the organization of International Conferences on Creative Tourism.

The benefits provided by creative tourism and enhanced by the Creative Tourism Network are:

– the diversification of the tourists offers by optimizing existing resources
– positive expects to cultural infrastructures
– quality tourism endowed with a high added value and purchasing power
– authenticity and sustainability
– better distribution of tourism activity along the year
– new funds for the artistic sector and the companies of services
– talent attraction and intangible heritage recovery

Furthermore we welcome Caroline Couret, Project Manager for the Creative Tourism Network within Fusic, to the advisory board of IGCAT and also as a  member of the Executive Board of IGCAT.

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