Wine Art VAS, an unique combination of culture, art and wine

Wine Art VAS is a company created by Sofia and Natalia Vas. As an artists, they have collaborated on different projects for years, but recently they gathered their passions for art and wine and have created Wine Art VAS, a new project that have them embarked on this new adventure where they design, develop and create multiple products with a common denominator: “dedication, love and work”. With the technique of finger painted bottles (finger painting), Natalia Vas has made an unique soul for each bottle in WineART project.

“Each bottle of wine or champaign, we will transform it into a true piece of art, painting it with the same technique that the artist elaborates her pictures, so you can get an unique and exclusive item to your homes. All our art pieces are personalized with your words, messages and dedications when you buy them.” With two collections namely “Fragments” and “Barcelona” and the main goal is to merge two important arts like pictorial art and the artistic world of wine, the project believe that they can bring an exclusive and native special product selection to clients.

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