This Mapping Tool shows how accessible food is in your neighbourhood

Toronto is used to getting accolades for its hip and culturally diverse food scene. According to the magazine Conde Naste Traveler this city is one of the top 15 food destinations in the world, praising it “magnetic, multicultural vibe”

However, for most people in Toronto, food is a necessity and depending on where you live, Toronto´s food scene may not be accessible or affordable. That´s where the Food by Ward maps comes in. The program was leaded by the Toronto Food Policy Council to shed light on the reality of food access in the city. This mapping tool shows food assets available in each neighbourhood. The map, not only highlight services like farmers ‘markets, healthy food retailers, student nutrition program, food assistance programs (such as food banks), and community gardens, but also, it shows how they stack up to the average across the city.

A new study lead by the University of Toronto shows that 12.6 per cent of Torontonians experienced food insecurity in 2014. It also shows that the number of people going hungry in this city hasn´t improved since 2008.

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