Debate organized by BOZAR and Culture Action Europe

Taking the exhibition “No country for young men” as starting point, this debate presented by the Centre for Fine Arts and Culture Action Europe invites to reflect on the impact of social and political turbulence on creation, the role of artists in times of crises, but also in general the role of artists in society. 

Europe is shaken by a societal and economic crisis which modifies the social fabric at its core, shakes identities, triggers fears and anguish, ignites conflicts as well as new hands stretching out in solidarity and empathy, new thinking about possible better ways of living.What is the role of artists in this context? What has it been in the past? What are approaches adopted by artists in different contexts of crisis? How does a crisis impact on the perception of arts and artists?

The debate will be held on 7 May (20h-22h) in Bozar, Brussels, and moderated by Claire Fox(UK), Director of the Institute of Ideas. Invited panelists are Giovanna Melandri, Former Italian Minister of Culture, Chairwoman of MAXXI and the Uman Foundation, Panos Kokkinias, artist (Greece) and Katherine Watson, Director of the European Cultural Foundation.

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