The Food Travel Monitor research study for food and drink travellers

Conducted by the World Food Travel Association together with one of the IGCAT’s expert and Coordinator of East Lombardy, European Region of Gastronomy 2017 Roberta Garibaldi, for the italian market,  the Food Travel Monitor is the first global research study for food and drink travellers has been presented in a world press conference on Monday, the 27th of May. The study surveyed 2.827 self-identified Leisure Travellers who live in 12 different countries. According to the findings, 49% of these are culinary travellers and 93% have participated in a unique food or beverage activity while travelling in the past 2 years. The research also incudes an innovative psychoculinary profiling methodology and analyses each destination in the context of the appropriate psychoculinary profiles. This research will be also conducted in the next years, in order to compare changes with this first annual study. In order to discover more about the Food Travel Monitor, visit the page

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