The Chocolate Way, a cultural route across Europe

ART-idea’s Director and IGCAT expert, Diane Dodd, was invited in her capacity as Council of Europe evaluator of The Chocolate Way, a cultural route nominated as candidate Route Mayor of the Council of Europe. The event brought together European partners of The Chocolate Way network to discuss the development of the Route. The network meeting took place alongside a public event “The European Cultural Routes: A Solution for Local Development” held on 7 December 2013 within the framework of “CHOCOMODICA”, a chocolate festival organised by the Municipality of Modica and supported by the Chamber of Commerce of Ragusa in Sicily, Italy.

The Chocolate Way is a good example of an initiative that links intangible cultural heritage with a tangible product, enjoyed and loved throughout Europe. Dr. Dodd noted how the initiative is a timely one given that food and food experience tourism is seeing rising trends in Europe.

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