Monique Knapen – The Netherlands

Monique Knapen

Co-founder – The China Connector

Monique Knapen lives and works as a co-founder of the China Connector in Amsterdam. Monique studied Social History at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and completed a minor in Sinology in Leiden. She studied at the University of Beijing for a year and lived and worked in China for 6 years. Monique is an expert in the field of international cultural relations, in particular in the art and culture sector between the Netherlands and China. In the past she has held various representative positions both at home and abroad, but she has also set up various activities based on entrepreneurship. She has been working as Program Director China at DutchCulture since 2011, after which she started focusing on cultural entrepreneurship between both countries with the arrival of the China Connector (a strategy, communication and marketing agency for cultural organizations).