Marina Simiao

Marina Simião

Associate – Ícone Gestão, Treinamento e Consultoria

Tourism bachelor, Marina Simião has been working in managing and consulting for development tourism and culture projects and programes since 2000. Specialist in Tourism Management and in Creative cities and creative entrepreunership for Córdoba University. Started as project manager in 2013 for Minas Gerais Creative Program and was the first responsable for the Gastronomy Board at Minas Gerais Tourism Office. Marina is a member of World Tourism Organization Volunteers (UNWTO) group and of Gastronomy Defense, Promotion and Reasearch Board in Minas Gerais (FGM), a group formed by professionals, institutions and government representation that works looking forward to make Gastronomy a strategic development sector in the state of Minas Gerais.
Marina is also part of the tourism and culture consultant group at Sebrae (Brazilian Service to support micro and small entrepreneurs) and runs her own company, Ícone Gestão, Treinamento e Consultoria, with two others friends and partners since 2005. Worked at the communication area of Fartura Project, the biggest gastronomy project being developed now in Brazil, that received the prize as second runner up at UNWTO Award for Excellence and Innovation in Tourism at the “Innovation in Enterprises” category. Marina is now living in Madrid where she’s taking a master on Creative Economy in Madrid and looks forward to improve international cooperation towards this theme, Tourism and Gastronomy. Her main interests are on tourism development, creative economy, gastronomy projects, international cooperation and cultural exchanges. The plan of living abroad for a while is combined by the opportunity of gaining experience in dealing with different cultures and improve knowledge by learning with others experiences, success and failures.

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