Francisco S. Guitard – Florida

Francisco S. Guitard

Audiovisual Producer and Innovative Entrepreneur

Francisco S. Guitard, an accomplished audiovisual producer and visionary entrepreneur, has significantly impacted the cultural and museum sectors through his distinguished career. With over 20 years of experience, Francisco has actively contributed to the art and culture scene, merging his passion for audiovisual production with the promotion of Spanish heritage.

Professional Journey:

Francisco’s career began at the prestigious Havas Media Group, collaborating with international brands creating interactive and communication pieces. This period marked the start of his entrepreneurial journey, teaching him that perseverance is key to success.

He has produced notable cinematic projects, including an animated short film for the Violin Museum in Cremona, Italy, and a Motion Graphics short film for the Museum of Fishing and the Sea in Adra. His work with the Ministry of Culture of Spain on “The Sinking of Our Lady of Juncal” highlights his dedication to history and culture.

Award-winning projects like the short film “Nereo, Living Wood” and the documentary “El Club de los Cantineros,” which won the Best Long Documentary award at the International Film Festival of Malaga, showcase his storytelling prowess. “Nereo, Living Wood” also earned First Prize at the University of Malaga. Francisco’s innovative vision is evident in projects like the Tourist and Experiential Routes system, conceived in 2010, now the technological backbone of the El Camino Project in America and the Cathedrals Alliance.

Cinematic Excellence:

One of Francisco’s most acclaimed projects is the documentary “El Club de los Cantineros.” This documentary, filmed across six countries including the USA in Miami, New Orleans, and St. Augustine, exemplifies the rich culture of Florida’s First Coast Region. It has garnered several prestigious recognitions, including the Best Long Documentary award at the International Film Festival of Malaga. Additionally, it was officially selected at the St. Augustine Film Festival and received special mentions at Tales of the Cocktails in New Orleans. The documentary will soon be available on major digital cinema platforms, further showcasing Francisco’s talent in bringing captivating stories to a global audience.

Cultural and Entrepreneurial Contributions:

Francisco has excelled not only in audiovisual production but also in founding institutions such as the NAUTA Institute and participating in the academic council of the Chair of Mestizaje at the University of Málaga.

Beyond his cinematic achievements, Francisco has led landmark projects such as the Bernardo de Gálvez Forum, the creation of the Farola Museum in Málaga, and the founding of the NAUTA Institute, which continues to drive his cultural and creative activities.

Innovation and Recognitions:

As a committed technologist, Francisco has pioneered innovations such as the Florida Project, the Digital and Interactive Archive of the Americas. His application of big data and artificial intelligence to historical research has revolutionized the field, earning him national and international recognition.

In 2022, he assumed the presidency of the NAUTA Institute and the role of COO at the Texas European Chamber of Commerce, leading projects like Silicon Link and Business Through the Art, promoting training in semiconductors and showcasing top Spanish artists in the United States.

Diplomatic and Cultural Commitment:

His influence extends beyond the screen, with recognition from Vice Mayor Leanna Freeman for his efforts in strengthening cultural ties between Spain and the United States. Francisco played a key role in the celebrations of St. Augustine’s 450th anniversary, organizing cultural exchanges and renowned exhibitions.

Through his work in diplomatic and cultural realms, Francisco has left an indelible mark, connecting history, technology, and innovation to enrich the understanding and appreciation of Hispanic culture worldwide.