Taste of Thailand Food Tours launches unique culinary experiences in Bangkok

Taste of Thailand Food Tours, Bangkok’s leading food tour operator launches a unique experience for tourists all ‘templed out’ in the nation’s capital. At a price point less than the cost of trying separate, full-sized portions, the company’s new “Bites and Sites in the Village of Love” food tour allows intimate groups of participants to sample an array of local foods and beverages at select tasting locations within 3.5 hours. With approximately 30% of tourist expenditures going towards food, food tours are quickly emerging from a niche market into a major tourism area. Such tours leverage the skills of a local ‘food sherpa’ to guide individuals to multiple locations and taste a variety of unique foods to learn the stories behind them. According to the World Food Travel Association, the culinary tourism market already generates over $150 billion annually worldwide and specific countries like the United States have already seen a 300% increase in food tours since 2008… READ MORE

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