Sustainable Gastronomy to Conserve the Amazon´s Cultural and Natural Diversity

How could gastronomy be a vehicle for preserving the richness of the Amazon in its many dimensions? This was the question last month when, Dr. Julie Kunen, Director of the Latin America and Caribbean Program at Wildlife Conservation Society, joined a group of chefs (including Pedro Miguel Schiaffino of the Lima restaurants Amaz and Malabar), journalists, public health experts and entrepreneurs in Peru. The discussion shifted around how sustainable gastronomy can contribute to conserving the cultural and natural diversity of the Amazon.

During the four days the experts explored the indigenous community of Pucaurquillo with a view to preserving the communities many traditions. Following the trip, the group agreed to collaborate on four lines of work:

1. A campaign to celebrate Amazonian foods.
2. A comprehensive on-line source for Amazon gastronomy
3. A map of supply chains and actors based on currently known ingredients, producers, and buyers.
4. A business incubator to nurture ideas like the broth packets that could be produced sustainably in the Amazon scale.

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