Sustainability and technology: An ‘extraordinary economic opportunity’ for cities

Tucked away in a scenic stretch of Australia’s southern coastline and home to about 1.3 million people, Adelaide is, on first glance, a small and unassuming place. But its Lord Mayor, Martin Haese, has some very big dreams for the city.

 “We want to establish Adelaide as the sustainability capital of the world,” Haese tells Eco-Business in a recent interview. “We also want to be world-leading in terms of our data speed and security, as well our bandwidth capacity.” For Haese, who will be delivering a keynote address at the upcoming Renewable Cities Australia forum in Sydney, these two goals are the result of a deep conviction that the nexus of sustainability and technology is where future economic opportunities lie.

“Adelaide has been very focused on sustainability for a decade,” says Haese, who has been Lord Mayor since 2014. The city’s commitment to sustainability stems from not only a need to adapt to climate change, use resources wisely and protect its natural ecosystems, but also a desire to establish an international reputation as a green city.

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*Image: A view of rooftop solar panels in Adelaide, the capital city of South Austraila –  City of Adelaide

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