South Aegean selected finalist for 2018 European Young Chef Award

Chef Antonis Dimovasilis from Mykonos shone in the final of the local young chef competition held in Syros, Greece and took the title of best young chef. He will go on to represent the South Aegean European Region of Gastronomy in the 2018 European Young Chef Award.

This has been the third edition of the regional young chef competition organised by the South Aegean European Region of Gastronomy. This competition takes place to declare the nomination of the young chef who will represent the Region in the international European Young Chef Award held on 25-26 November 2018 in Galway, Ireland.

The Jury at this year’s edition consisted of the Ambassador of the South Aegean European Region of Gastronomy 2019, Mrs. Arghiro Barbarigou, the President of the Dodecanese and Cyclades Chefs Club, Mr. Nikos Christoforou, and the Chefs Mrs. Ioanna Stamoulou, Mr. Kostas Bougiouris, Mr. Nikos Koukiasas and Mr. Dimitris Plitas. The jury was impressed by all of the young chef contestants, which came from different islands in the South Aegean Region. Vasilis Adamidis from Rhodes, Elias Flaskos from Kos, Christos Papathanassiou from Naxos and Antonis Dimovasilis from Mykonos. In the final, the winner of the competition, Antonis Dimovasilis, captivated the judges with his gastronomic skills and his dish Archegonon which consisted of grouper with topinambur purée and kakavia soup.

The young chefs that participated in this year’s competition surpassed every expectation at all levels, especially since the bar has been set high. This competition gives hope that the islands’ incredible local products will once again travel abroad to entice the lovers of high gastronomy with their taste and quality.

Armed with the strong and unique advantages of its islands along with the impressive performance of the young chefs that have been representing the South Aegean at the European Young Chef Award, the South Aegean European Region of Gastronomy is excited to share that they will be hosting the 2019 edition of the European Young Chef Award.

Mr. Philemon Zannetidis, Vice Governor of Primary Sector & Gastronomy, remarked that, regarding the competition, “It is a process that the regional authority has made into an institution, not only to showcase the gastronomic richness of our islands but also the new talents that, through the competition, have the opportunity to be internationally distinguished and become the top chefs who will be the ambassadors of our islands’ gastronomy and local products. We invest in extroversion in every sector that is a comparative advantage for the South Aegean.”

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