World Travel Market 2016 – Redefining Malta as a cultural destination

At the World Travel Market 2016 in London, the leading event for the global travel industry, euronews spoke to Edward Zammit Lewis, the Maltese Minister of Tourism, about how his country aims at turning into a year-round destination not just for sunbathing but also for culture.

“We are investing a lot in innovation I believe that the tourism industry should go into innovation as other sectors. We are investing in a digital platform, we are investing more in our culture, and we are restoring our cultural heritage, our buildings, even with regard to our important appointment. Which is the European Capital of Culture Valletta in 2018. Culture is a good in its own, but it is a very strategic tool for winter tourism, which is in line with our policy to reducing seasonality and making tourism a stable, all-year round economic activity.” said Edward Zammit, Maltese Minister of Tourism

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