Two IGCAT experts visited Plovdiv (Bulgaria) in 28th-29th November 2013 to give their advise and expertise by leading four intensive workshops in support of Plovdiv’s bid for the ECOC title in 2019. The workshops were based on a presentation of ECOC challenges and followed by analysis of the Plovdiv bid document. It was attended by the team of Foundation 2019 Plovdiv, representatives of the Municipality (Tourism and Cultural Departments) and NGO sectors from the City.

First day involved two workshops led by  Dr. Danuta Glondys and Ernst Houdkamp that aimed to identify opportunities for cultural operators in: fostering local, regional and international cooperation; elaborating initiatives which highlight the richness of cultural diversity in Europe and bring the common aspects of European cultures to the fore; facilitating the participation of the citizens; building partnerships with local and regional authorities and; contributing to long term strategic development plans. The second workshop  entitled Developing business opportunities in the arts sector, involved participants in a co-creative way, developing ideas with a hands-on and non-linear approach.

On the second day, Danuta Glondys and Ernst Houdkamp gave recommendations on how to prepare a winning presentation for the Jury and a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy. In the approach they used visual methods to get better insights in this process and to encourage the Foundation team to prepare a visual component of their presentation.

Plovdiv’s Foundation team members saw the importance of the presentations and expressed readiness to restructure and enrich their presentation for a meeting with the ECOC jury.

Representatives of NGOs were particularly active in asking questions and were willing to contribute with new ideas to make the Plovdiv’s programme better.