Inter-regional workshop intangible heritage tourism

The first day of the Interregional workshop, 22 September, will start with presentation on the ‘state of the art of intangible heritage for sustainable cultural tourism’ by external expert Dr Jordi Tresserras of the University of Barcelona LabPRTC/Ibertur, appointed by partner ECTN. All 9 partner destinations will then present their intangible heritage assets and their best practices in deploying them for cultural tourism development and promotion. Discussion will follow on the key questions: How to deploy Intangible Heritage Assets for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism development and promotion in partner regions? How to improve policy instruments?

Through a ‘Call for Presenters’, 20 presentations have been selected in the programme coming from 11 countries. Presentations will be made by 9 destinations, 12 universities and 3 consultancies. They will showcase relevant experience, share best practices, methods and concepts of successful implementation and provide practical recommendations to preserving, deploying and promoting intangible heritage for responsible and sustainable tourism development. The Conference will conclude with a debate on the potential of intangible heritage for innovative, sustainable and responsible tourism development.

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