IGCAT team is back to work

After a well deserved holidays, the IGCAT team headed by its President, Prof. Greg Richards and its Director, Dr. Diane Dodd is back to its challenging and busy agenda. 2015 presents a motivating milestones as the European Region of Gastronomy launch will be launched (an initiative that IGCAT has been championing for the past year and a half). Also, IGCAT will celebebrate the 2nd Edition of The Art of Food in 2015 looking carefullyat the issue of cultural and food diversity. This subject is absolutely key this year for Europe as the EU is currently negotiating free trade agreements with the US and Canada.  This year, will also see IGCAT’s first publications which are an important testiment to the research and monitoring of trends last year.   Finally, IGCAT will contnue to guide and support aspiring Capital of Culture.  IGCAT is open to collaborations and partnerships to further knowledge and research in the convergence of gastronomy, culture, arts and tourism.

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