IGCAT, supporting sustainable initiatives to empower local communities!

IGCAT was one of the Cultural Sponsors of the Eat Art Fest, the 1st sustainable food and arts festival in Östersund and the region of Jämtland, Sweden. The event was held on 17 – 18 June 2017 and was organised by more than 25 local organisations and partners.

7.000 visitors had the opportunity to taste artisan food and out-door cooking, witness the performances with more than 50 local artisan, chefs, artist and dancers taking part. Invited chefs came from across the globe including Barcelona, Vancouver Island, London, Crete, Paris, Bogotá and Stockholm. The 24 hour festival was rounded with an extra focus on a better world. Östersund was appointed as UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2011. For further information please visit www.eatart.se

About IGCAT:

IGCAT believe that Food and Cultural Diversity is an important source of pride and entrepreneurial opportunities to empower local communities.IGCAT experts join forces to instil local pride by building alliances across local communities and across sectors to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking, creativity and innovation based on traditions and intangible heritage, elements that are important resources to empower and preserve cultural expression in local communities.In doing so, IGCAT also increases awareness of issues concerning food production and waste, and stimulates more responsible consumerism.

*Photos: Marianna Leivaditaki, head chef Morito (UK). Mountain cow cooked on fire. Photo: Robert Henriksson (SWE)

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