IGCAT expert Dr. Aleš GAČNIK from Slovenia stays at IGCAT

Dr. Aleš GAČNIK, Head of the Department of Cultural Tourism and Cultural Heritage from the Faculty of Tourism Studies and Head of the recently established Centre of Gastronomy and Wine Culture (University of Primorska) was welcomed at IGCAT by Dr. Diane Dodd, Executive Director and Jordi Vegas, Projects Manager in Sant Pol de Mar, 9-10 April 2016. The working meetings aimed to establish a closer connection between the Centre for Gastronomy and Wine Culture and IGCAT, as well as explore the potential for the region of Primorska to submit a proposal to be European Region of Gastronomy in the future. The meetings also explored the role of evaluation and monitoring for the Regions of Gastronomy programme. On behalf of the Centre of Gastronomy and Wine Culture, Dr. Aleš GAČNIK is preparing a proposal for the developmental of “Gastronomic Embassies” within the context of European Region of Gastronomy.
Dr. Aleš GAČNIK expressed a firm commitment to IGCAT’s goals and objectives noting the importance of gastronomy for regional identity. IGCAT is working hard to preserve cultural and food diversity in Europe as the region’s unique selling point and source of social cohesion and pride.

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