Expofooding a gastronomic bridge in international relations

“Expofooding is much more than a Fair, it is an opportunity to combine culture, food and development” – Xavier F. Medina, Director of the UNESCO Gastronomy Chair.

According to Rafael Anson, president of the Spanish Royal Academy of Gastronomy, “it is an excellent idea that gastronomy acts as a bridge between people”. With these words he has presented Expofooding – the I International Gastronomy Conference, being held in Madrid from 1 to 5 May 2016.

Expofooding has been presented to the public in the headquarters of the World Tourism Organisation in Madrid. As one of it organisers- the President of the World Gastronomy Institute José Manuel Iglesias- explained, the goal of this event is to be “a meeting space and time that explores and unifies international relations” This event is also backed by the City Council and the Comunidad de Madrid, they want to use gastronomy as a “social, cultural, commercial, tourist and economic asset in order to be a nexus between peoples and a driving force of social development and transformation”.

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