Exploratory visit to Fundació Alícia.

On the 29th March 2012, Diane Dodd from ARTidea accompanied Valentí Sallas, Head of International Relations and Cristina Sanchis,  from the Department for Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Autonomous Government of Catalonia), on a visit to the Fundació Alícia.

Fundacío Alícia (Ali-mentació i cièn-cia / Alimentation and Science), is a research centre devoted to technological innovation in cuisine, to the improvement of eating habits and to the evaluation of food and gastronomic heritage. For more information see the Alicia Foundation website.

 The delegation was met by Eva Garcia Duran and Toni Massanés, Director of the Foundation. The aim of the meeting was to explore the work that the foundation is doing and discover areas for collaboration in light of the work ARTidea is currently undertaking on gastronomy and tourism. See, the newly published OECD report.
The meeting will be followed up in the near future with another visit, accompanied by tourism expert, Prof. Greg Richards, editor of Tourism and Gastronomy (recently published in paperback).
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