Europe’s Best Street Art Uncovered

According to Huffingpost Travel, there’s no doubt that street art has been experiencing a cultural rebirth in Europe. In the past,many referred to graffiti as the ugly duck of the arts. Back in the day it was considered a kind of vandalism that made cities dirtier and belittled their prestige, but today graffiti is capturing the global attention of travelers, artists and art critics and fueling a new kind of tourism.

The growing consumer interest to discover street art is provoking many countries to compete for the title of the best street art in Europe. Banksy in the UK, Vhils in Portugal, and Blu in Italy, are examples of the top artists, attracting worldwide attention but they are far from alone. In every city there are thousands of artists transforming Europe’s oldest buildings, and walls into colorful, expressive and transformative statements of modern art. Check out our round-up of must see cities for street art and get inspired to discover the best of Europe’s graffiti culture for yourself. Not sure where to start?

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