Region of Gastronomy

Open call to host an IGCAT
European Regions of Gastronomy Visitor Centre

IGCAT has recognised the need to provide information and study visits for potential World/ European Regions of Gastronomy. Therefore IGCAT Board are now considering the opening of a visitor centre/office in collaboration with partners from one of our exemplary Awarded European Regions of Gastronomy. The first office will be opened in Europe ideally by or during 2023.


The benefits for the chosen hosting region will be:

  1. Recognition and status as an exemplary example of a European Region of Gastronomy.
  2. International visibility and credibility as a leading IGCAT awarded European Region of Gastronomy.
  3. Point of reference within its own region, country and indeed the continent for stakeholders new and old to continue the legacy of the Award.
  4. Hosts for international tours and events related to gastronomy.


Eligibility to apply to host the IGCAT European Regions of Gastronomy:

The hosting region needs to be or have celebrated the European Region of Gastronomy Award year to be considered exemplary it should:

  1. Have a stakeholder group with independent legal status.
  2. Have demonstrated strong events, as well as marketing and communication of the year (involving and empowering citizens).
  3. Have participated and committed to participating in all IGCAT Platform meetings and Joint Projects (currently Food Film Menu, World Food Gift Challenge, Young Chef Award, Top Websites for Foodie Travellers).
  4. Have or be ready to make an exhaustive evaluation study of its own Award year and be ready to support the evaluation process for other regions.
  5. Meet all the requirements of the protocol agreement originally signed with IGCAT.
  6. Conduct itself in a manner true to the Technical Guidelines of IGCAT and in consideration of IGCATs Code of Conduct.


IGCAT office requirements:

  1. A leased cultural/historical space for minimum 5 years (renewable) sufficiently agreeable and charming to attract local and international visitors.
  2. The space provided should include a small office space and 2-3 meeting areas for various capacities (large, medium and small events).
  3. Provide a minimum of three dedicated staff ideally one IGCAT approved European Office Director (this could be part time and ideally should be an IGCAT approved expert in the region who has been involved from beginning to end in the region’s own Award and who speaks English and has good knowledge of the Platform); Events Coordinator (this is a technical position and the candidate will need to speak English and be creative in developing a strong events programme as well as able to host visits from potential regions) as well as someone to provide Marketing and Communications support (manage the European Platform’s website and social media news in collaboration with IGCAT secretariat).
  4. Budget for hosting and coordinating a best practice tour for up to 3 potential regions/new regions coming into the Platform each year. The potential regions will pay their own travel, hotel and meals but a tour needs to be developed that will highlight good practices as a European Region of Gastronomy. In order to cover costs of local travel, tastings, visitor experiences etc… a low-cost package should be developed.
  5. Budget for an exhibition of all the European Regions of Gastronomy (including examples of winning food gifts) and cinema space for showing the Food Film Menu winners.
  6. Budget to attend and support the actions of the European Platform (Platform meetings and Joint Projects).
  7. Travel budget and honoraries for IGCAT Secretariat and key IGCAT experts to join study visits and attend major events.
  8. Annual contribution to IGCAT’s Fund for Local Arts and Gastronomy aimed to support lesser-economically developed regions throughout the world promote and/or regain their food sovereignty.
  9. Budget for local and international programme of events (including show-cooking of winners of the European Young Chefs, round table events to discuss food futures etc.).

Interested regions should send a presentation at including images of the space being suggested, floor plans, facilities, budgets and timelines to IGCAT Board. The presentation should outline plans to cover all the points stated above by 30 November 2022.

In the event of the region being selected an MOU will be signed between all the contributing parties and IGCAT to commence activities by 2023.