Dubrovnik takes an interest in gastronomy and innovation

Dubrovnik is one of the shortlisted candidates for European Capital of Culture about to go before the jury this week. It is also now the centre of the universe as its has been turned into a film set for the next edition of Star Wars. Far more interesting for us though, it has recently taken an interest in gastronomy and innovation. For this reason, Dubrovnik invited Executive Directior of IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) to give a presentation on the European Region of Gastronomy concept to wider stakeholders and interested people from the region and, to meet the team for Dubrovnik 2020. The concept for Dubrovnik’s bid to be European Capital of Culture is the urgent need to innovate. In relating to this theme Diane Dodd noted that “the capacity to design and produce innovative products or the ability to organise and stage effective food/gastronomy related events has everything to do with the interconnection between culture, arts and gastronomy. Food serves arts events and the arts serve food events… that is clear… but, in an increasingly competitive world, giving “added-value” becomes a must. It is the sensoral experience – the combination of taste, texture, visual stimulus, music… you know you’ve had a great experience when all your senses are satisfied. At a much more basic level, we crave human contact and independent travellers more so, that’s why AirBnb or Eat WithThe Locals websites are so popular. Food cultures generate much more than food, they also create unforgettable experiences of places and regions”… that stimulate people to visit them and to appreciate what local people have to offer both the traditional offer and the innovative…

The full interview can be seen here: dubrovnik2020.hr/en/interview-diane-dodd/

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