Developing a Feasible Cultural Project Plan

IGCAT’s Director gave the 2nd of a 3-part general tutorial to international students of the Master in Arts and Cultural Management at the International University of Catalonia on 19th January 2015. The general tutorials outline how to research, write and develop a feasible cultural project plan. Following the general tutorials the students must develop their own cultural project plan guided by qualified tutors. In the past, students have gone on to develop their projects in real life which is an added-benefit of the course. The development of cultural projects follows a rigorous programme of teaching in the first term.

This Master’s Degree programme combines theoretical reflection on the relationship between culture and society and the role of the cultural manager, with a practical approach based on the experience of lecturers coming from many different areas of cultural management: public administration, the private sector, cultural heritage and museums, the performing arts, music, etc. The programme provides students with the tools they need to work in a wide range of areas within the world of culture.

IGCAT’s Director also teaches a module on Cultural Institutions and Policies in the first term.  This subject focuses on identifying the institutional and organisational framework of cultural action. Students look at how the different public and private agents intervene in the industry and analyse the planning process through which cultural policies are adapted to meet objectives and later become projects, programmes and specific actions.

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