Clever App brings the food label into the modern age

Sam Slover is co-founder of the Sage Project, a new online platform that reimagines food data for the Internet age. Slover’s vision isn’t a label; it’s an interactive web app. Sage deconstructs more than 20,000 fresh and packaged foods into interactive, personalized blurbs of information that make the basics of food labels—calories, top nutrients, ingredients, and allergens—easier to digest.

Slover wanted to provide people with more than raw data about the foods they eat. He wanted to communicate what a food’s nutritional content actually means in the context of a person’s health, activity levels, and fitness goals. “We want to unlock data and give it back to people in ways that are actionable,” he says.

The Sage Project deconstructs the traditional food label into bite-sized infographics. Slover and his team assign every item of food in the Sage database a webpage. At the top of each page are the item’s five most plentiful nutrients. Scroll down the page and you’ll find a granular analysis of the food’s nutritional content, divided into nutrients you should seek out and ones you should limit.

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