Call for Papers: Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference, Ottawa

For its 40th anniversary, the Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference will be hosted at the School of Political Studies of the University of Ottawa.STP&A is an interdisciplinary gathering of researchers, policy-makers, practitioners and students that explores key trends, practices and policy issues affecting the arts around the world. STP&A is the oldest and one of the most influential academic gatherings of researchers and practitioners in the field of arts management and cultural policy. The proposed theme of this year’s conference is Creative nexus: understanding and strengthening the relationship between cultural research and practice.

This theme intends to cover a number of growing issues and concerns about the challenges and limitations that cultural research and practice are increasingly facing. The main theme of the conference aims to explore the current nature of the research/practice relationship; it aims to assess the different types of collaborations established between practitioners and researchers; it also aims to understand some of the potential limitations that we often encounter. Can the relationships between cultural/artistic practice and cultural research be furthered or renewed towards a number of new creative directions? Can this relationship foster new collaborations, new knowledge and new solutions to tackle important issues pertaining to the formulation and implementation of cultural policies, to address some of the intergenerational challenges that most cultural organizations face, or to establish the parameters of a sound and ethical relationship between researchers, managers, creators and the users of cultural services?

This broad theme will be reflected in the keynote sessions and in the panels, but in the spirit of inclusiveness, we will also fully consider contributions that address other themes pertaining to arts management and cultural policy research. These themes may include: Arts management, Arts education, Cultural policy (local, national, international), Cultural and creative industries, Cultural Heritage policy and management, Cultural practices, Arts participation and accessibility, Arts and social inclusion, Cultural institutions and business strategies, Arts and communities, Post-colonial issues in cultural heritage and arts management, Arts and social change, Aesthetics, social theory and contemporary politics, Society, arts history and the evolution of artistic genres, Arts and culture work and professions, Cultural sustainability, Audiences, amateurs and users, Cultural evaluation, Change management in cultural organizations … and many more.

Individual papers as well as full panels are accepted. The deadline for the call for papers is May 5 2014. Notification of acceptance will be communicated in early June.

Please download the appropriate form on the website, complete it, and send to as an attachment:


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