Best of the Nordic food culture showcased in Aarhus

Aarhus, European Region of Gastronomy 2017 hosted the most important food event of Northern Europe on 1-3 September 2017.

Organised in the context of the European Region of Gastronomy awarded year and of the European Capital of Culture, with the themes “rethink good food” and “innovate, improve and refine the food on our plate.”

The Food Festival, born six years ago has rapidly grown and involved this year the participation of more than 30.000 visitors. It has the responsibility to represent and promote the best of Nordic food culture, grouping companies, experts, researchers and chefs. The peculiarity of the event lies in the attempt to conciliate innovation and tradition, expertise and learning. The food experience is therefore designed in all its aspects and it is strengthened by the possibility for the audience to get involved in the process. Interactions become the essential raw material by which all the Festival is shaped.

Food as leitmotif for a week-end in the second city of Denmark, three days full of events, from workshops to seminars, from tastings to meals. Tastings dedicated to the discover and the promotion of the Nordic food tradition, from seaweed safaris to sausage-making and cabbage workshops, to gourmet picnics along the shore.

Moreover, the festival was able to bring to light key issues regarding food. Sustainability, cooking, traditional crafts, among the themes addressed. After the seminar of February dedicated to the future of food on our planet, a 500 meters long table had been prepared for the “Catastrophic Meal”.  600 people and a menu made with ingredients that will survive the next 50 years.

The Danish Hot Dog Championship is another highlight, hosted every year by the Festival. The competition has two sides, on one hand the tradition with the most ambitious hot dog vendors and butchers and on the other side the innovation with the top chefs of Denmark. The purpose is to create a sort of contamination, by letting the two sides get inspired by each other as Ole Troelsø the man behind the initiative explained.

The “Wild Food Festival” is a side event aimed to promote the re-connection to the fresh and wild products of the soil; then “Arla” an initiative dedicated to the little ones and their packed lunch; finally, the “People’s Feast” a space entirely dedicated to food coming from all over the world, literally defined as a “Mecca for food lovers”.

A remarkable success for the Festival this year which witnesses the attempt of Aarhus and more in general of the Danish food culture to grow and refresh the tradition starting from a gourmet reconsideration of local products.


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