Art project to turn Paphos into “open air art museum”

Artworks are being placed at different venues in the coastal town of Paphos, creating an “open air art museum” in the framework of the “Signs in Time and Space” project of the European Capital of Culture “Paphos 2017”.  According to a relevant announcement, the first three works, out of a total of twelve, have been installed in the western coastal line of Kato Paphos.

In the upcoming months and throughout the year of the European Capital of Culture, nine more sculptures and installations will be placed in the area of Kato Paphos. The group is joined by artists Andreas Makariou, Umit Inatcsi and Dimitris Makariou, who will be creating sculptures and artworks in open air venues, giving a new dimension to the concept and philosophy of the open air factory.

The aim is to put Paphos on the map of cities with interesting and attractive landmarks, both for their residents and their visitors.

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