Airbnb Introducing Print Magazine, Pineapple

Following in the footsteps of other digital brands like CNET and WebMD, Airbnb is getting into the print magazine business. At a convention in San Francisco on Friday for its hosts — people who rent rooms or apartments to travelers — Airbnb will formally unveil its new quarterly magazine, Pineapple, named after the fruit that was a symbol of hospitality in colonial New England. The 128-page winter 2014 issue, which carries no advertising, contains features on three cities popular among Airbnb hosts and guests: San Francisco, where the company is based; London; and Seoul, South Korea. In an introductory note, the magazine said it aimed “to explore our fundamental values: sharing, community and belonging,” and to “inspire and motivate exploration, not just within the cities featured, but within any space a reader finds themselves.”…READ MORE