Agri-Tourism Committee looks at quality, quantity, consistency in Vanuatu

Agri-tourism is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Tourism, Trade Commerce, Cooperatives and Industry and Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry Fisheries and Biosecurity. The objective of the partnership is to address inter-ministerial development issues covering both Ministries at policy level. The director of Tourism Development, George Borugu explains that this committee will not strictly cover agriculture and tourism but also livestock, forestry, fisheries and biosecurity, industry, tourism, trade, and all export products. He adds that unlike in the past where they were administered on an adhoc basis, now the vision is set to form the agri-tourism steering committee to oversee the entire process to cover other importants objectives as to increase the production in all areas, to promote inter island trade and rural to urban market or to turn their farms into new products for their visitors to pay to see how animals live, what a kava plant looks like and how it is prepared as a beverage, amongst other actions.

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