Aarhus to host Nordic Michelin stars

The city of Aarhus in Central Denmark Region, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2017 will host the launch of 2019 Michelin Nordic Countries Guide on 18 February 2019. For the first time in five years, the Guide will be presented outside a Nordic capital city, marking an increasing international recognition for Aarhus’s gastronomic profile, which is growing at an outstanding pace.

Organised at Aarhus’s Concert Hall, the event will gather top chefs and restaurant owners from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, all eagerly awaiting the coveted stars to be awarded.

“We are looking forward to celebrating the Nordic restaurants in Aarhus, a city that has rapidly developed into an economic, cultural and culinary Danish powerhouse. As a major international academic, cultural and business community, with its own busy port and marinas, it has embraced new ideas and traditions – something that has firmly permeated onto the gastronomy scene,” says Director of International Development for Guide Michelin, Gwendal Poullennec.

“The city’s top restaurants are innovative, but are located side by side with simpler establishments that share an infectious enthusiasm for the prime raw materials that Denmark offers. It is precisely this mix of traditional cuisine such as the national smørrebrød, the New Nordic cuisine and inspiration from around the world that draws food lovers to Aarhus,” Poullennec adds.

The event will be hosted by the Municipality of Aarhus together with VisitAarhus, Central Denmark Region, Business Region Aarhus and the Food Organisation of Denmark. “We are very proud that Michelin has chosen to launch the Nordic Michelin Guide in Aarhus,” remarked Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard, who added that “Aarhus and Central Denmark Region have undergone significant gastronomic development in recent years, driven by world-class chefs and local producers. The event is an international recognition of the region’s efforts.”

“Last year, Aarhus and Central Denmark Region were awarded the permanent title of European Region of Gastronomy, signalling the quality of products and innovation among our local producers. At the same time, the city was the European Capital of Culture. There is no doubt that we are Denmark’s food production region and the Michelin event underlines the efforts that have been made,” says President of Central Denmark Region, Anders Kühnau.

The city of Aarhus has grown as a dynamic and innovative hub for culture, including arts, music, history and gastronomy. In 2015 it has been the first city in Denmark, besides the capital Copenhagen, to have a Michelin-starred restaurant and to experience a 17% rise in visitor figures. In 2018 four restaurants in Aarhus have been awarded Michelin stars.

“Our Michelin stars twinkle brightly on the map of the Nordic region. But we have no intention of just resting on our laurels. We continue to develop the city and region around us, in order to further anchor ourselves as a gastronomic must-see region,” concluded CEO of VisitAarhus, Peer H. Kristensen.

About the European Region of Gastronomy

Candidate and awarded Regions of Gastronomy from Europe, guided by IGCAT, are working together to raise awareness about the importance of their cultural and food uniqueness and share the long-term aim to: promote a better quality of life in European regions; highlight distinctive food cultures; educate for better health and sustainability; nurture creativity; improve tourism standards; and stimulate gastronomic innovation.


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