A writer explores Cuba´s burgeoning food scene

“I arrived in Havana very much wanting my first meal to be what I thought of as authentic Cuban. I was, at first disappointed. Then I was just interested to find that the restaurant that were getting the best ingredients and doing the best job with hiring enough staff to really cook good food were entirely uninterested in doing traditional Cuban Food.”

With these words, Tama Adler, explains how was her first impression of Cuba gastronomy. After the experience, she wrote the article, “Why Cuba is becoming a Serious Culinary Destination” which appears in the February 2016 issue of Vogue Magazine.

In the article, she explains many important aspects about food culture in Cuba. As, how the isolation affect Cuba´s culinary identity, how the food scene has changed somewhat with the loosening of restrictions after Fidel Castro´s brother Raúl took over in 2011, and how Cuba is moving the forward into the 21st century.

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