Prof. Satu Miettinen

Doctor of Arts works as a Professor of Applied Art and Design at the University of Lapland. Previously she has worked as a co-ordinator for the Competence Center on Industrial Design at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences as well as a head of product design department. For several years she has been working with service design, and currently she is a research lead and director in the service design project called Service design for Elderly funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Technology.

She also worked as a principal investigator in the “Experiencing Well-being – Developing New User Interfaces and Service Platforms for Leisure” project, which was also funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation and Technology, TEKES. In the past she has worked as a project manager and specialist in the areas of crafts development, cultural and creative tourism in several international and European Union funded projects during the period 1997–2006.

Satu Miettinen works with social design in Namibia and other countries.

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