pas de calais tourisme, Diana HOUNSLOW, directrice

Diana Hounslow

Director – Pas-de-Calais Tourism
Ambassador – Hauts-de-France, European Region of Gastronomy awarded 2023

Diana Hounslow has lived in New Zealand, Ireland, Algeria and England before finally settling in France in 1985. After hostessing for Hoverspeed, teaching English to local businesses and selling Titanium Dioxide, she started marketing her region as a destination to the UK in 1987. She built up a relationship with local businesses and notably restaurateurs. Her passion and knowledge of fine food grew with the help of chefs, journalists and food critics. Food is resolutely at the top of the list of tourism experiences that travellers most look forward to. Like most regions of France, Hauts-de-France has plenty of seasonal local produce on offer, the tourist board’s aim is to cultivate creative use of it at home, in restaurants and sometimes in surprising places… From chip van to Michelin starred restaurants Pas-de-Calais Tourism are developing local culinary experiences for every palate and every purse.

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