Larissa Uwase

Chief Operations Officer – Carl Group Ltd

Larissa Uwase completed an undergraduate course in Built Environment and Architecture in 2016, at the College of Science and Technology under the University of Rwanda. Her ambition has always been to eradicate poverty and feed the hungry. Currently, she is running her own company specialized in food processing, the Carl Group ltd, for which she has been awarded the title of “Best Young Entrepreneur” in the “Youth Breaking the Cycle of Poverty” competition, organized by Rwanda’s Ministry of Youth and ICT. In the 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa, she was selected among Africa’s top 5 women innovators thanks to her commitment in tackling children’s malnutrition.

Before she started developing her idea, she did different entrepreneurship training under “African Innovation Prize” and an international organization called “These numbers have faces.” Recently, as an entrepreneur in food security, she took part in a participatory slum upgrading research in Kigali aimed at selecting the best project for feeding hungry cities.

Larissa is a member of Rwanda’s National Youth Council and of the Bright Future Cornerstone network, as well as vice co-ordinator of the activities of “Les Elites Slum Upgraders” NGO.


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