Dr. Kris Rampersad

Media Cultural and Literary Consultant, Publisher, Researcher, Writer, Policy Analyst, Producer, Educator – National Commission for UNESCO/Network of Non-Governmental Organisations of Trinidad and Tobago

Dr Kris Rampersad is an independent cultural and literary sustainable development educator, and multimedia producer/publisher, journalist, facilitator, lecturer, trainer & Consultant.  She has a BA First Class Honours and PhD degrees from the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago; Diploma in Mass Communications from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, India; Commonwealth Professional Fellowship from the Association of Commonwealth Universities, UK; Nuffield Foundation Fellowship to Wolfson College, Cambridge University and the Foreign Press Centre of Japan along with numerous skills development training in management, leadership, diversity management, ICTs and new media, journalism, communications, fundraising, networking, gender equity, advocacy among others.

She is a creator/producer of global heritage, literary and author events and a  UNESCO-trained facilitator for its Culture Conventions including World Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Diversity of Cultural Expressions, Intercultural Dialogue, Creative Cities, Slave, Silk and Indentured Immigrant Routes and has extensive work experiences in multistakeholder engagement and community empowerment in activating creative industries, heritage conservation and formulating programmes and mechanisms to access advance intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.

She has worked through UN, EU-ACP, OAS (Americas) and Commonwealth regions and agencies towards formulating multisectoral partnerships and devising workable solutions and promoting constructive conversations and actions among civil society, media, academia, private sector, governments and intergovernmental and international agencies and has served on several international level committees and commissions including as Chair of the UNESCO Education Commission, Co-Chair of UNECO’s Programme and External Relations Commission, Independent Expert and Co-Chair of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Committee on Intangible Cultural Heritage.

This involves facilitating access international instruments as the UNESCO Culture Conventions, in engaging civil society in inclusion, respect for diversity, rights, freedoms and governance processes through understanding how to use traditional and access conventional media as well as in advancing empowerment of rural and marginalized communities, youth and women and increasing their participation in political, social and economic processes. She has done extensive work across the connected Americas especially Caribbean and Latin American region in raising appreciation and building capacities of stakeholders at all levels for leadership development in media and cultural heritage, diversity and inclusion. All three Caribbean countries recently admitted to the UNESCO World Heritage lists benefitted from her work and she was also a pioneer of the Commonwealth Women Agents of Change initiative, leading the Caribbean agenda for change and educating women in political and other leadership spheres. She has also been actively involved in inspiring youth through literacy and literary appreciation across the Caribbean.

She is the author of three books: and LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago (2012;) Finding A Place (2002); Through the Political Glass Ceiling (2010) and numerous articles and presentations on culture, media, gender, and community empowerment as driving forces for social, political and economic transformation.

As an academic in both formal and informal environments, she has delivered lectures and workshops in intercultural communications, culture and literary heritage. A multimedia print/tv-producer/publisher, media manager, journalist, writer, researcher and educator of almost three decades, she has helped develop and implement effective culture and multi-media, communications and outreach strategies, policies, and devised and conducted creative interactive courses, seminars and education programmes that encourage critical interrogation of development agendas to stimulate people-centred, gender and culture-sensitive paths to lifelong learning and development.

These utilise development perspectives and evaluations and assessments of north-south relations and particularly the small island developing states of the Caribbean in comparative glocal contexts, particularly in relation to gender, governance, culture, education, interreligious dialogue and understanding and Small Island States.

She has also worked as communication consultant and strategist for Commonwealth Foundation for Commonwealth Heads of Government/People’s Forum and Women Affairs Ministers’ and of Active Democracy Network in Organisation of American States intergovernmental processes.

She has extensive experience in drafting, negotiating and presenting high level diplomatic texts and resolutions for equitable, peaceful and sustainable development through involvement in intergovernmental activities and consultations with agencies of the UN, Commonwealth, Organisation of American States, European Union and local to international level NGOs and CBOs

She holds several awards for her contributions to journalism, and the arts and culture including as a Luminary 2015, (BWIA) Media Award for Excellence in Journalism, Pan American Health Organisation Award for Excellence in Journalism, and others from the Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust, Moms for Literacy, the Global Organisation of Peoples of Indian Origin, the New Delhi Indian Institute of Mass Communication and the University of the West Indies. She was a winner of the BBC Trust/UNESCO Communication Initiative’s Development Policy Blogging for New Media.

She is also actively engaged in promotion of literacy through an initiative called Leaves of Life focused on culling a literacy, literary appreciation and a literate environment through LiTTributes, LiTTevents and LiTTours, following the publication of her third book LiTTscapes – Landscapes of Fiction from Trinidad and Tobago  Since 2003 she has been engaged by international intergovernmental agencies in promotion of the development agenda particularly of Small Island Developing States towards social inclusion and multistakeholder engagements for poverty eradication through youth and gender empowerment and equity, education, literacy, communications, heritage and culture, food security, democratic engagement, and giving effect to the knowledge/ICT and creative economies.

She is a founding member of education, cultural and advocacy organizations as the International Culture University, the International Institute for Culture, Gastronomy Arts and Tourism and Friends of Mr. Biswas.


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