Daniela Jelincic

Dr. Daniela Angelina Jelincic

Research adviser at the Culture and Communications Department of the Institute for Development and International Relations in Zagreb. Her interests include cultural and creative tourism, cultural/creative industries, creative cities, cultural policies, social innovations. She is the author of several books (‘ABC of Cultural Tourism; Culture in a Shopwindow; Culture, Tourism, Interculturalism) and the editor of a few books on urban tourism, virtual cultural tourism, culture and development/cultural development. Also, she is the author of several development strategies (the chapter on ‘Cultural Tourism’ for the Development Strategy of Croatia in the 21st Century; Strategy on Preservation, Protection and Economic Assessment of Croatian Cultural Heritage; Development Strategy of Dubrovnik Museums). She is the Council of Europe expert for cultural tourism and coordinated several strategic cultural/tourism projects such as «Cool Industries for the Creative City“ (UNESCO IFCD), «Zagreb as a Cultural Product: Study of Cultural/Creative Industries Devleopment Potential“ (City of Zagreb), «Cultural/Creative Industries Development Action Plan“ (City of Zagreb), «Marketing Plan of the Vitality Tourism for the City of Buzet“ (City of Buzet), «Management Plan of the UNESCO site of the Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in Pore“ (County of Istria, EU IPA Adriatic), etc.

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