Slow Food´s Carlo Petrini, FAO Special Ambassador Zero Hunger for Europe visits Kenya

The Slow Food international president and founder was in Kenya to firm up collaborations with local organizations and partners towards the movement’s first congress in the African region in 2017. He urged FAO to identify unique and unrecognized food products that deserve to be included in the international catalogue of endangered heritage foods which is maintained by the global Slow Food  movement.

“Behind each product we have a community.  We have the possibility to work together with FAO to preserve products at the risk of extinction.  Apart from nutritional value, these products contribute towards both our patrimonial and cultural heritage”, he said.

During the meeting, various areas of possible collaboration such as biodiversity and the food composition table in Kenya, inclusion of the wealth of pastoral communities, food safety strategies, policies towards food security – all areas that FAO is currently involved in were discussed.

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