Luckiest man in the world has exciting plans for Malta

British entrepreneur Mark Weingard had three near-misses – in New York’s 9/11, the Bali bombing and Thailand’s 2004 tsunami – but fate had other plans. He speaks to The Sunday Times of Malta about how he went from being a lousy waiter to a successful trader who lost everything, to a millionaire philanthropist with big plans to invest in Valletta. Mr. Weingard laughs as he reflects on people’s scepticism when he recounts how close he came to being a victim in three global tragedies. “For several years it felt like I was popping up in every tragedy that could come along,” he says of his turbulent three years between 2001 and 2004. “Being in New York in 9/11, having lost my fiancée in a terrible terrorist attack, and then getting caught in the tsunami felt very Zelig-like,” he adds, referring to Woody Allen’s 1983 American mockumentary film ZeligREAD MORE