IGCAT develops conversational events with experts and leaders to share knowledge on the relationship between food experiences, tourism, arts and culture.  The conversations serve as a prominent platform and resource for interdisciplinary research and dialogue on the role of culture and the arts in solutions for local development. The Conversations are linked to IGCAT’s mission to develop dynamic and sustainable processes of connecting research with practical application, policy implementation, and public advocacy. They bring together a wealth of distinguished experts in the field through a series of highly pertinent discussions with authors, experts and policy leaders on pressing issues that explore with depth and urgency the critical debates that affect cultural research and local policy today.

Regular events include:

ART OF FOOD – Expert Meeting
An international meeting of experts to stimulate, ideas and share knowledge about developments in gastronomy, intangible food heritage, culture and creative tourism. Each year a theme is picked and explored. In 2014, the theme was Diversity, Creativity and Sustainability and the 2015 edition has been set for June 2015.

EUROPEAN CAPITALS OF CULTURE – Conversation for bidding cities
This meeting is set up as an inimate conversation with leading researchers and practitioners. The aim is to explore good practice and issues of concern in supporting a city through a Capital of Culture journey. In 2014, the meeting explored the potential of Galway (Irleand), Iasi (Romania), Tartu (Estonia) and Kalamata (Greece). It is also a great opportunity for bidding cities to prepare and epxlore joint coopertaion projects. The 4th edition of this meeting will be held in December 2015.

A platform has beeen formed to support regions hoping to hold the title of European Region of Diversity.  IGCAT has organised several founding partner meetings as well as two public information events. Following the programmes launch in 2015,  the European Region of Gastronomy Platform will be open to new members and therefore IGCAT aims to hold a regular information seminar for regions hoping to join the platform.

Other events

IGCAT has also taken part in its partner’s events including:


Through all these events IGCAT hopes to safeguard cultural and food diversity as well as provide support for local and regional development agencies.

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