Hospitality Training Institutes

IGCAT is developing a range of new tools for hospitality training institutes to become leaders in good food and environment management policies. Thinking about buying local products or reducing carbon footprints in the kitchen are as important as driving pride and innovation on traditional products and recipes.

IGCAT uses an interdisciplinary approach in all training and teaching matters as well as, encouraging a service-learning approach wherever possible.

A new project to encourage our future food ambassadors to think sustainably is the:

Young Chef Award

A pilot project has just be launched in collaboration with the European Region of Gastronomy Platform to host the first European Young Chef Award 2016, hosted by the Escola Universitària d’Hoteleria I Turisme de Sant Pol de Mar (EUHTStPOL).

The aim is to strengthen links between European regions through young professional chefs while  promoting culinary innovation using traditional cuisine and local products.

This years’ event will be held within the framework of Catalonia, European Region of Gastronomy 2016 and on the 50th anniversary of EUHTStPol.

It will include both a competition between finalists of regional competitions from around Europe, judged by celebrity chefs and international experts and a round table event where internationally recognised chefs will talk about their role in mentoring young chefs and supporting traditional local food production.

For more information please check our EYCA section:

European Young Chef Award 2016

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