Regions of Gastronomy



What is meant by the title ‘Gastronomy’ ?

Gastronomy refers holistically to agriculture, culture, hospitality, production, traditions and food cultures.

What is meant by ‘Region’?

The Region can be a province, county or country defined by the partners (including at least three municipalities and adjoining rural areas).

Is the Award a competition?

No, it is not a competition. The Region of Gastronomy is awarded to regions that have joined a Platform and adhere to the philosophy and have met the criteria developed by IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism) that ensures cross-sector working in order to support sustainable regional development.

What are the start and end dates – do we need to organise a full year of activities?

The partners can decide when to celebrate the opening and closing of their official year. Flagship that engage wide stakeholders should take place throughout the year.

What happens after you have held the title of Region of Gastronomy?

Awarded region’s complete a minimum 5-year commitment to the Region of Gastronomy Platform. Regions are expected to develop a lasting legacy from the Award and thus continue activities and membership well into the future.

How many regions can hold the title each year?

Up to 3 regions per continent can be selected each year by an external jury of experts.

What is the title that will be awarded?


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