Calling on all Cultural Storytellers!

The incredible diversity of food, food culture, food traditions, and food knowledge has influenced cultural traditions, architectural and landscape heritage. As more and more people move to globalised diets, it is vitally important to revalue and re-promote our food as cultural heritage for future growth and development.

Submission closes: 25 July 2019

Film Selection Laurel


Read the rules and deadlines detailed on this page very closely. If your film complies with the standards and regulations listed below, proceed to fill out a submission.


  • The video/film must be submitted by a filmmaker from any of the 12 awarded European Regions of Gastronomy or from any potential candidate Region of Gastronomy.
  • The filmmaker can either submit a video or a short film (max 10 min).
  • All languages are accepted but SHOULD include English subtitles.
  • The video/film should have been created after 2016.
  • Files should be submitted through Filmfreeway or sent digitally as a password protected file on Vimeo.com or YouTube (as unlisted).
  • All genres are eligible for submission EXCLUDING animations and that which depict sexual pornography or extreme violence.
  • Submissions must have signed release forms from all contributors to use and publish their work.
  • The filmmaker is responsible for purchasing music rights for audio used in the video/short film.
  • The filmmaker must have written permission to showcase the locations and people on-screen.


The Food Film Menu selection committee is looking for short films or videos containing incredible stories with the central focus on local food. The filmmaker needs to show through the video that s/he is an ambassador of her/his region and its culinary cultural diversity.


  • The selection will be made by IGCAT and its panel of experts in the food and film sectors. Only videos about food and depicting images of food will be considered.
  • Official selection will take place prior to or on 6 September 2019.
  • 10 videos will be selected and showcased on IGCAT´s website and YouTube channel and only 1 will be awarded.
  • If your film is selected you must be able to provide the following:
      • a high-res digital version of the film upon acceptance.
      • (at least) 2 excellent still images from your film to be distributed to the press and for use on the Food Film Menu website, IGCAT website and social media.
      • a link to a trailer for your film on YouTube (if applicable). This allows us to feature your trailer on our website and social media accounts.
  • If accepted, your video/film may be used for promotional purposes and you give full rights to IGCAT (free of charge) to use it and/or promote it. Noting that this right does not extend to commercial use of the film.
  • If selected, you may not withdraw your video from the Food Film Menu for any reason.


The award will be presented to the creator at the Region of Gastronomy event organised every year in Brussels during the European Week of Regions and Cities in October. The video/film will be showcased with a tasting related to its content.

Only one ¨Roots Award¨ will be presented: Best Storyteller (less than 10 min) – €500


Submission Deadline: 25 July 2019 at 23:59h CET


or by email at communications@igcat.org (please email to obtain the entry form)


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