The Creative Cities and Citizen Trends Reports are annual briefings written for policy-makers, cultural operators, academics and researchers interested in identifying city trends and issues that relate to the arts and culture. Cities are viewed as the key places, where the benefits and the challenges of the nowadays globalized world are the most visible. According to the urban studies literature, it is in cities that the large range of goods, services, people, ideas and skills are accumulated; it is also in cities that all these ‘components’ of globalization are combined, multiplied, scaled, perceived, lived, manifested or appreciated from a variety of perspectives of city inhabitants. Cities are, thus, constantly evolving in the face of different societal dynamics and challenges. This is particularly visible within the framework of the current economic crisis and major shifts in the social fabric of communities. The series will highlight current challenges in arts and cultural policy and delve into their importance (impact) for city policy.

The publication will also offer valuable quick facts and statistics from reliable sources, gather news evidence and highlight further reading. The series will be issued/published in the form of a short digest focusing on specific areas to enable readers to respond quickly to new challenges. Report 1 focusing on Citizen Participation is due to be published in May 2015.

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