EUropean REgions of GAstronomy building resilience and creating economic growth



In its capacity as Advisory Partner for the Eurega project, IGCAT’s role includes:

1) Giving expert advice to the Partners working on their challenges and the objectives within the framework of the project
2) (Co)writing the EUREGA Cookbook and thus helping the partnership to develop a strong communication strategy
3) Delivering expertise for the peer reviews during the project
4) Setting up of the monitoring and evaluation from Self Analysis to final evaluation


To fulfil this role, IGCAT contributes with research and trends through its experts who contribute to the Study Visits as well as adding value to the process by delivering peer reviews, monitoring and evaluation and contributing to the communication strategy. IGCAT focuses on externalising lessons learnt beyond the regions’ organisations and stakeholders, resulting in long-term profitable and effective results. While the Partners focus on finding solutions to the challenges they face and improving their policy instruments, IGCAT supports the Partners through providing expert advice to enable maximum positive results. IGCAT will also help disseminating the findings to major international institutions and forums which will create an effective multiplier effect and benefit the external learning platform.


IGCAT advocates the following Key Principles when advising Partners on the project methodology and stakeholder group management:

1. Cross-Sectoral Working

We believe that working in dialogue across sectors has a greater impact and support more creative solutions for complex development challenges. As a minimum, we advocate a dialogue between gastronomy, culture, arts and tourism sectors but also increasingly see value in working with agriculture, environment, education and health.


2. Ensuring Long-Term Impacts and Legacy

The EUREGA project should ultimately aim to build long-term legacies for local communities and aim to influence long-term development strategies which extend beyond the duration of the project itself.


3. Internationalisation and Shared Visibility 

The EUREGA project should facilitate strong relations between regions and cities globally in order to share knowledge and ideas as well as profit from the shared initiatives, whilst increasing visibility and acknowledging the unique food, cultural and tourism assets of the participating regions.


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