The European Capital of Culture title offers the potential to achieve 
economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes.

Making the decision to bid for the title of European Capital of Culture demonstrates long-term vision and conviction in the power of culture to transform.

IGCAT is dedicated to and our experts have a great deal of experience related to developing successful ECOC programmes.  We offer both a comprehensive training package and a follow-up mentoring service in order to ensure know-how is passed to tems on the ground – helping them do their job better.

Critical success factors identified by our experts will guide your city in the 
development of your bid and longer-term strategy.

A team of  6 IGCAT experts spend at least 3 separate days in the city and guide up to 12 intensive workshops with key stakeholders (selected by the city). Our team offers a range of expertise reflecting the needs and knowledge required for and during the ECOC journey including:

  • Understanding the city’s needs and developing your bid
  • Galvanising support for the bid from multiple stakeholders
  • Networking and clustering in the city, nationally and in Europe
  • Achieving citizen participation and ownership of the ECOC year
  • Building the European dimension into the bid
  • Designing a bid document – watching out for pitfalls
  • Creating a winning presentation (from a juror’s perspective)
  • Planning an ECOC legacies
  • Capitalising on the ECOC for economic and tourism development
  • Developing business opportunities in/with the arts sector
  • Marketing and communicating the ECOC
  • Establishing research indicators and understanding the importance of evaluation

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