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IGCAT is an international non-profit organisation, registered in Spain, with associated experts spread across the globe:


IGCAT’s secretariat offices are located in the beautiful coastal town of Sant Pol de Mar in the province of Barcelona, 50 kilometres away from the famous city. The Institute’s position outside the city reflects our emphasis on regional development throughout the world. IGCAT’s focus on gastronomy is illustrated in Sant Pol de Mar’s lively culinary culture that hosts the renowned hospitality school EUHT StPOL and was home to the three-Michelin starred restaurant Sant Pau. Catalonia is well-known throughout the world for its gastronomy and was given the IGCAT title, European Region of Gastronomy Award 2016.


A message from our patron and strong supporter Montserrat Garrido Romera, Mayoress of Sant Pol de Mar

The small town of Sant Pol de Mar has seen positive changes and improvements in the recent years. Since bidding for its role as the official headquarters of IGCAT (International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts, and Tourism) in 2012, the town has witnessed an exciting change in figures that give hope to the future of Sant Pol de Mar and its citizens.

A recent census study shows that the average age of the population has decreased over recent years, and in the last five years unemployment has also been substantially diminished. This news encourages our new generations to look forward to the future. Most likely, these figures have been driven, in one way or another, by the determined commitment made by the city’s municipality to preserve its gastronomy and unique local products.

That being said, Sant Pol would like to thank IGCAT for its initial encouragement of Catalonia to bid for the European Region of Gastronomy title, which it won in 2016 and Sant Pol de Mar University School (EUHT StPOL) for hosting IGCAT’s prestigious European Young Chef Award in 2016 and 2017. ICGAT along with the Sant Pol de Mar University have collaborated with the municipality of Sant Pol to use gastronomy as a vehicle to a better the  quality of life for its citizens. In the same way, we thank Carme Ruscalleda, the most international Santpolenca ambassador, for her dedication and passion for innovation, with which her Restaurant Sant Pau has honorably promoted the name of Sant Pol all over the world.

I commend and congratulate all Catalan and European municipalities that, like Sant Pol de Mar, work to preserve local produce and value excellent gastronomy, thus contributing to citizen’s health.

Montserrat Garrido Romera
Mayoress of Sant Pol de Mar



Ajuntament de Sant Pol de Mar / EUHT Sant Pol


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